OFF TOPIC: How to Take OUR Government Back

Magna Carta, 1215, England

Here is a VERY SIMPLE way to take OUR government back INSTANTLY.

Pass a law (or a Constitutional amendment if necessary) requiring the following:

  1. Anyone elected to Congress or to the office of President or Vice President  and anyone appointed to a cabinet position, must hand over ALL of their assets (including cash in bank accounts, stocks and bonds, precious metals, gems, cars, boats, houses, businesses, real estate, Amazon gift cards, etc.) to be held by a bank or by the government for the entire period of time that person serves as an official of the federal government (either in Congress or as President or Vice President or in the cabinet).
  2. While serving in Congress or as President or as Vice President or in the Cabinet, the financial needs of these public servants and their families would be met by: (a) Social Security checks, based on the average amount provided to ordinary citizens (who have worked for 40 years prior to retirement), (b) medicaid provided health care coverage, based on their income from Social Security payments, and (c) housing provided by the federal prison system (a block of prison cells consisting of one cell as an office for the government official, one cell for the bedroom of the official (and his/her spouse), one cell as a bedroom for each child, one cell as a family room, one cell as a kitchen area (equipped with a stove, a refrigerator, cabinets, and a dishwasher, and a kitchen sink)  one cell as a bathroom (equipped with a bath/shower, a toilet, and a sink).
  3. If the income from Social Security was deemed inadequate, and if the Medicaid provided health coverage was deemed inadequate, and if the prison provided housing was deemed inadequate (unsafe or inhumane), then of course any official of Congress would be free to propose in Congress changes to the amount provided in Social Security payments, and to the level of health care coverage provided by Medicaid, and to the quality and safety of cells in the federal prison system, but no improvements to these government programs could be enacted solely for officials in Congress or in the White House, but must be completely general in nature; thus, any improvements and enhancements to Social Security payments for federal officials would also apply to ordinary citizens who receive Social Security payments, and any changes or improvements to Medicaid assistance would also apply to ordinary citizens who receive Medicaid assistance, and any improvements to accommodations and to safety in the housing of the federal officials would also apply to all federal prisoners in all federal prisons.

All in favor, say “Aye”!