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Prominent Atheist/Agnostic vs. Theist Debates

Category: God and Morality

Raymond BradleyMatthew Flanagan2010Is God the Source of Morality?LINKLINKLINKNoneNone
Shelley KaganWilliam Lane Craig2009Is God Necessary for Morality?LINKN/AN/ALINKN/A
Keith ParsonsO. Gerald Trigg2001Is Christianity More Effective than Humanism in Achieving a Moral Society?LINKN/AN/ANoneNone
Paul KurtzWilliam Lane Craig2001Resolved: Goodness without God is Good EnoughLINKN/ALINKLINKN/A
Raymond BradleyPaul Chamberlain1996Can There Be an Objective Morality wihout God?N/AN/ALINKNoneNone

Category: Resurrection of Jesus or Christianity

Robert Greg CavinMichael Licona2012Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?TBDTBDN/ANoneNone
Richard CarrierWilliam Lane Craig2009Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?LINKN/AN/ALINKNone
Richard CarrierJake O’Connell2008On Paul’s Theory of ResurrectionNoneNoneLINKNoneLINK
Richard CarrierMike Licona2004On the Resurrection of Jesus ChristN/AN/AN/ALINKNone
Robert M. PriceWilliam Lane Craig1999Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?NoneLINKN/ALINKN/A
Robert M. PriceCraig Blomberg1999Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?TBDTBDN/ATBDTBD
Keith ParsonsWilliam Lane Craig1998Why I Am/Am Not a ChristianTBDN/AN/ALINKN/A
Gerd LüdemannWilliam Lane Craig1997Jesus’ Resurrection: Fact or Figment?LINKN/AN/ALINKN/A
Raymond BradleyWilliam Lane Craig1995Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?NoneLINKLINKNoneLINK
Farrell TillMichael Horner1995Did Jesus Rise Bodily From the Dead?NoneNoneLINKNoneNone
Dan BarkerMichael Horner1994Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?NoneNoneLINKNoneLINK
Farrell TillNorman Geisler1994Did Jesus of Nazareth Bodily Rise from the Dead?NoneNoneLINKNoneNone

Category: God’s Existence

Stephen LawWilliam Lane Craig2011Does God Exist?N/ALINKN/ALINKLINK
Michael TooleyAlvin Plantinga2008Knowledge of GodNoneNoneLINKNoneNone
Andrew MelnykStewart Goetz, Charles Taliaferro2007God vs. Blind Nature:Mind and WillNoneNoneLINKNoneNone
Paul DraperAlvin Plantinga2007God vs. Blind Nature:Evil and EvolutionNoneNoneLINKNoneNone
Quentin Smith, Paul DraperRobin Collins2007God vs. Blind Nature:Science and the CosmosNoneNoneLINKNoneNone
J.L. SchellenbergJeffrey Jordan2008God vs. Blind Nature:Faith and UncertaintyNoneNoneLINKNoneNone
Richard CarrierTom Wanchick2006Naturalism vs. TheismNoneNoneLINKNoneLINK
Richard Carrier, Dan BarkerHassanain Rajabali, Michael Corey2004Existence of GodLINKN/AN/ALINKSelf-Assessment
Eddie TabashRichard Swinburne2003Existence of GodN/AN/AN/ALINKN/A
Doug KruegerChristopher McHugh2003Theism or AtheismNoneNoneLINKNoneNone
Bill CookeImran Aijaz2002Existence of GodNoneNoneLINKNoneLINK
Jeffery Jay LowderPhil Fernandes1999Naturalism vs. TheismLINKLINKN/ALINKN/A
Theodore DrangeDouglas Wilson1999The Existence of the Christian God: TAG vs. ANB & ANCN/AN/ALINKN/AN/A
Edward TabashWilliam Lane Craig1999Christianity vs. Secular HumanismLINKN/ANoneNoneNone
Paul DraperWilliam Lane Craig1998Does God Exist?LINKN/ANoneLINKLINK
Doug JessephWilliam Lane Craig1998Does God Exist?LINKN/ANoneLINKLINK
Theodore DrangeWilliam Lane Craig1998Does God Exist?LINKN/ANoneLINKLINK
Michael MartinPhil Fernandes1997Existence of GodN/AN/ALINKN/AN/A
Quentin SmithWilliam Lane Craig1996Does God Exist?N/AN/AN/AN/ALINK
Quentin SmithWilliam Lane Craig1996Does the Universe Have a Divine Cause?N/AN/ALINKN/AN/A
Doug JessephWilliam Lane Craig1996Does God Exist?N/AN/ALINKN/AN/A
Michael MartinJohn Frame1996The Transcendental Argument for the Nonexistence of GodN/AN/ALINKN/AN/A
Raymond BradleyWilliam Lane Craig1995Kalam Cosmological ArgumentN/AN/ALINKN/AN/A
Michael TooleyWilliam Lane Craig1994Does God Exist?NoneN/ALINKNoneNone
Edward TabashPeter van Inwagen1993Existence of GodN/AN/ANoneNoneNone
Edward TabashGreg Bahnsen1993Existence of GodLINKN/ANoneNoneLINK
Keith Parsons,Michael MartinDouglas Jones1991Is Non-Christian Thought Justifiable?NoneNoneLINKNoneNone
Bertrand RussellFredetrick Copleston1948Existence of GodNoneLINKLINKNoneNone

For a comprehensive list of all known atheism vs. theism debates, see Luke Muelhauser’s “500+ Atheism vs. Theism Debates” at his Common Sense Atheism site.