LINKS: Ethics without God

(Another item from the backlog in my Drafts folder, with some more recent links added in.)

Here are some very interesting links related to ethics without God.

1. From Daniel Dennett: Robert Wright interviewed Daniel Dennett on being good without God. Video of the interview is available here; a transcript is available here.
2. From Tom Clark: Tom Clark from the Center for Naturalism blogs about “Naturalism and Nihilism.”
3. From Alonzo Fyfe: Alonzo Fyfe, of Atheist Ethicist fame, finally published his book, A Better Place: Selected Essays on Desire Utilitarianism. It’s a book defending moral realism without God, even assuming that no intrinsic values exist. I have not read Fyfe’s book, but it certainly looks interesting.
4. From Larry Arnhart: author of Darwinian Natural Right. Several essays of interest, including, “The Darwinian Meaning of Life“, “Does Darwinism Make Morality Fictional?“, “Darwinian Ethics and the Moral History of 20th Century Barbarism“, “The Evolutionary Biology of Empathy“, “A Darwinian History of Human Rights and Empathy“, “Remi Brague on Divine Law & Common Morality“, and “Does the Life of the Mind Require a Platonic Cosmology?