The Apocalypse is Imminent, as usual

As long as there have been Jesus followers the apocalypse warning alarm has been sounding. Jesus thought the end of the age was coming in the lifetime of his disciples, and Paul thought the end had already started.

Skip forward a few thousand years, and the actions of Iran against Israel yesterday have prompted megachurch pastor and card carrying religiocrazy John Hagee this morning to announce that we are on the cusp of the Gog Magog war, or in other words the End Times have arrived. See here 30:45 – 34:41

Biblical prophecy is not being fulfilled, unless the leaders have the deluded idea in their heads that God wants them to fulfill end time prophecy, in which case it is self-fulfilling prophecy. The should be no doubt why the fundamentalist Christians are backing Israel no matter what, since the bible says Jerusalem is the apple of God’s eye and he will bless those who bless Israel.

In a way John Hagee and his fellow delusionals are a feather in the secularist hat. Just as psychologists use failed psychotic prediction to snap a schizophrenic out of an episode (“maybe the reason Drew Barrymore didn’t meet you at the bar as she promised is that she doesn’t know you”), perhaps famous pastors making false predictions about the end of the world will awaken some followers from their dogmatic slumbers when the prophecies fail.