Stay Scrappy, Infidels!

The fact that “not religiously affiliated” people are continually on the rise in polls is really a testament to the fact that religion is ultimately superstition. Where I live, in Canada, there are 6 Faith based television networks on basic cable: Daystar, Salt and Light, Corco, FAITHTV, Joytv, and Vision. Conversely there are no networks set up to promote and defend secularism.

Daystar is interesting because it is a source of misinformation, long promoting anti-vaccination conspiracies even after it’s founder and president, Marcus Lamb, died of Covid.

It’s always interesting to see extremist Christian celebrities using their fame to promote their superstition. Actor Kirk Cameron, for instance, recently attracted attention for trying to hold conservative Christian read-alouds for kids at public libraries.

Similarly, anti-trans actor Kevin Sorbo has a new kids’ book out promoting male masculinity.

It’s because of this Secular Web Kids is so necessary, since kids need the tools to fight against such propaganda and brainwashing. We know that brainwashing and propaganda now can make you susceptible to brainwashing and propaganda later.

As sex before marriage, LGBTQ+, denial of a penal substitution meaning of the cross by Progressive Christians etc grow in the church it becomes less and less clear what being a Christian means, and so a good Christian and a good atheist become very fluid concepts. The superstitious way of life is failing, not just because faithful are revolting against the rules, but because the meaning is evaporating. Imagine a hockey team where the centerman dribbles a basketball, the left winger swings a baseball bat, the right winger bowls on the ice, the left defense plays Euchre on the ice, the right defence kicks a soccer ball, and the goalie knits in his crease …