(Speaker 2) New Insights Into The New Testament: The Gospels In Review (CONFERENCE)

The second speaker Candida Moss looks at Jesus’s parentage and that Jesus was seen as the stepson of Joseph in some of the gospels and the Son of God.  In our oldest gospel, Mark, Jesus does not have a biological relationship with God, but is adopted by God in the tradition of Julius Caesar adopting Augustus.  By the time we get to John, Jesus is a pre-existent divine being.

Interestingly, the women in Matthew’s genealogy point to sex scandal, and so that may be offering some suggestions about Mary.  Perhaps Jesus was illegitimate, and Joseph just adopted Jesus.  Some Non-Christian sources from the second to the fourth century supposed Jesus was illegitimate. 

Moss supposes that post Jewish War there were many women around without male protectors and a lack of a reference to Jesus’ earthly father just pointed to that. 

In any case, that is a flavor of Candida Moss’s presentation and do order the replay of the conference as Moss has further interesting insights into the question of whether Jesus had siblings!