New Insights Into The New Testament Conference (September 2023)

I’m excited that I’m signed up for the New Insights Into The New Testament Conference in late September which has 10 All Star New Testament experts/specialists presenters. For instance, Prof Robyn Faith Walsh will be presenting who is most known for her theory that highly educated (though not necessarily rich) Greco Romans wrote the Gospels. Here is a sample of her argument:

Walsh is of special interest for me, since as I said last time, what we seem to have with the synoptics (Mark/Matthew/Luke) is the same story told from the different points of view of the same idea: Jesus’ superhuman obedience/trust in God despite the terror he disclosed in Gethsemane (Mark), God’s righteous anger (Matthew), and Jesus’ superhuman forgiveness (Luke): all variations of the Roman soldier’s transfiguration at the cross claiming “Truly this is God’s son / an innocent man.” The soldier at the cross is also the interpretive key to John’s gospel, because the soldier piercing Jesus’ side made the emphatic point that Jesus was in fact dead so the reader need not worry about the swoon accusations that Jesus only seemed to die but survived the cross (compare John 19:34-35; John 20:29; John 20:31)

So, that will probably be my last post until the conference, and I hope you can join me there!

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