Some Empty Tomb Analysis From Derek at MythVision Podcast!

This is a new interesting well-produced video from Derek at MythVision talking about the ancient idea that the reason a body would go missing is that the dead person had been thought to have become deified. So, the gospel accounts of the empty tomb fit this general mythic structure. Moreover, Derek points out that even if you think there is an historical kernel at the heart of the Jesus legendary empty tomb tale, the disciples would have been motivated to steal the body and pretend it was missing and contending that Jesus became deified.

I look at the noble lie theory of Christian Origins in my Justified Lie essay HERE. I talk a fair bit about Dionysus in that essay, but I should also add according to Plutarch, one version of the myth tells that Ariadne hanged herself after being abandoned by Theseus. Dionysus then went to Hades, and brought her and his mother Semele to Mount Olympus, where they were deified.

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