(2/2) Brainwashing and Indoctrination in Culture and Sexuality

I recently did a kiosk article on brainwashing and religion. This talked about something called undo influence or brainwashing with religion that we are born into and/or come to. To more fully explore this, consider the following ancient Greek statues:

Images source: https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-ancient-greek-sculptures-small-penises

What we learn when we survey ancient Greek art is we see that the Greeks idealized the male form as having a small penis, a sign of youth, intelligence, and self control. By contrast, a large penis was seen as representing uncivilized lack of self-control and barbarism. By contrast, for our culture, a large penis has become the standard to have, and even heterosexual males tend to prefer porn with porn star men that have large penises. Women seem more flexible on the issue, and so even in masturbating a woman might prefer a small pocket rocket to a large dildo. And in fact, there is a niche market for small penis porn.

When it comes to the size of female breasts, while there is certainly a mythos built around large breasts, many people don’t prefer them, citing such reasons as back problems, sweating, bacteria/odor associated with large breasts.

The underlying narrative that we have been born into in our culture determines the flow of desire, and so many men are not even attracted to adult women in their natural state of hairy arm pits, legs, and vaginal area.

In animals generally we see that the production of desire overrides the “being fixed” of its object. So, female neutered dogs will hump as though they were male, and male neutered dogs will hump arms, legs, and even furniture. We see this in humans with “objectophilia” where someone falls in love with and is attracted to things like towers or stadiums.

Freud noted that sexual stimulation is especially fluid in humans from infant-5 years old, what he called polymorphous perversity. For instance, it’s not unusual for a very young male to get an erection when his diaper is removed and he feels the cold air on his genitals.

So you see, much of what we experience as our ownmost self, our sexuality, are features we have been indoctrinated into by our culture and time. Ask yourself: If no one told you your sexual prejudices, like women need to shave their legs, would you still be repulsed by hairy legs on a woman?

Analogously, if no one ever told you that a bullet had to fly straight …