Party Before Country? Which Republican Senators Still Support Trump

In a normal election, you’d think that a video of a Presidential candidate talking about sexual assault would fatal for the candidate’s campaign. But this election cycle has been anything but normal. So, with Trump’s campaign in crisis, I thought it would be interesting to maintain a roll call of which Republican Senators have said enough is enough and will no longer support Trump. I intend to update this table as new information becomes available.

Most of the information in the initial version of this post came from The Atlantic.

StateNameUp for Re-Election?Endorses Trump?Plans to Vote for Trump?Calls for Trump to Step Down?
AlabamaRichard Shelby2016
AlabamaJeff Sessions2020NAYNAYYEA
AlaskaLisa Murkowski2016NAYNAY YEA
AlaskaDan Sullivan2020NAYNAYYEA
ArizonaJohn McCain2016NAYNAY
ArizonaJeff Flake2018NAYNAYYEA
ArkansasJohn Boozman2016YEAYEANAY
ArkansasTom Cotton2020YEAYEA
ColoradoCory Gardner2020NAYNAY YEA
FloridaMarco Rubio2016YEAYEA
GeorgiaJohnny Isakson2016YEAUndecided / Unknown
GeorgiaDavid Perdue2020YEA
IdahoMike Crapo2016NAYNAYYEA
IdahoJim Risch2020UnknownUnknownUnknown 
IllinoisMark Kirk2016NAYNAYYEA
IndianaDan Coats2016YEAYEA
IowaChuck Grassley2016 UnknownUnknown Unknown 
IowaJoni Ernst2020YEAUnknownUnknown
KansasPat Roberts2020NAY
KansasJerry Moran2016NAY
KentuckyMitch McConnell2020YEANAY
KentuckyRand Paul2016YEANAY
LouisianaDavid Vitter2016NAY
LouisianaBill Cassidy2020NAY
MaineSusan Collins2020NAYNAY
MississippiThad Cochran2020YEA
MississippiRoger Wicker2018YEAYEA
MissouriRoy Blunt2016YEA
MontanaSteve Daines2020
NebraskaDeb Fischer2018NAYNAYYEA
NebraskaBen Sasse2020NAYNAYYEA
NevadaDean Heller2018NAYNAYYEA
New HampshireKelly Ayotte2016NAYNAY
North CarolinaRichard Burr2016UndecidedUndecidedUndecided
North CarolinaThom Tillis2020NAY
North DakotaJohn Hoeven2016NAY
OhioRob Portman2016YEAYEANAY
OklahomaJim Inhofe2020YEAYEANAY
OklahomaJames Lankford2016NAY
PennsylvaniaPat Toomey2016NAYUndecidedNAY
South CarolinaLindsey Graham2020NAYNAY
South CarolinaTim Scott2016YEA
South DakotaJohn Thune2016 NAYNAY YEA
South DakotaMike Rounds2020NAY
TennesseeLamar Alexander2020YEA
TennesseeBob Corker2018YEANAY
TexasJohn Cornyn2020 YEAYEANAY
TexasTed Cruz2018 YEAYEANAY
UtahOrrin Hatch2018YEAYEANAY
UtahMike Lee2016NAYNAYYEA
West VirginiaShelley Moore Capito2020NAYNAYYEA
WisconsinRon Johnson2016YEAYEANAY
WyomingMike Enzi2020
WyomingJohn Barrasso2018

Update Sat 8-Oct-16 8:23PM PDT: Added many values (too many to list here) to many of the blank cells; added links from many of the table’s cells to news websites supporting the values in individual cells.

Update Sat 8-Oct-16 4:09PM PDT: Added column listing when each Republican Senator is up for re-election.

Update Sat 8-Oct-16 4:48PM PDT: Added columns listing whether each Senator endorses Trump and whether each Senator has called for Trump to step down. Also added many links to sources supporting the information in this table.