Party Before Country? Which Republican Senators Still Support Trump

In a normal election, you’d think that a video of a Presidential candidate talking about sexual assault would fatal for the candidate’s campaign. But this election cycle has been anything but normal. So, with Trump’s campaign in crisis, I thought it would be interesting to maintain a roll call of which Republican Senators have said enough is enough and will no longer support Trump. I intend to update this table as new information becomes available.
Most of the information in the initial version of this post came from The Atlantic.

State Name Up for Re-Election? Endorses Trump? Plans to Vote for Trump? Calls for Trump to Step Down?
Alabama Richard Shelby 2016
Alabama Jeff Sessions 2020 NAY NAY YEA
Alaska Lisa Murkowski 2016 NAY NAY  YEA
Alaska Dan Sullivan 2020 NAY NAY YEA
Arizona John McCain 2016 NAY NAY
Arizona Jeff Flake 2018 NAY NAY YEA
Arkansas John Boozman 2016 YEA YEA NAY
Arkansas Tom Cotton 2020 YEA YEA
Colorado Cory Gardner 2020 NAY NAY  YEA
Florida Marco Rubio 2016 YEA YEA
Georgia Johnny Isakson 2016 YEA Undecided / Unknown
Georgia David Perdue 2020 YEA
Idaho Mike Crapo 2016 NAY NAY YEA
Idaho Jim Risch 2020 Unknown Unknown Unknown 
Illinois Mark Kirk 2016 NAY NAY YEA
Indiana Dan Coats 2016 YEA YEA
Iowa Chuck Grassley 2016  Unknown Unknown  Unknown 
Iowa Joni Ernst 2020 YEA Unknown Unknown
Kansas Pat Roberts 2020 NAY
Kansas Jerry Moran 2016 NAY
Kentucky Mitch McConnell 2020 YEA NAY
Kentucky Rand Paul 2016 YEA NAY
Louisiana David Vitter 2016 NAY
Louisiana Bill Cassidy 2020 NAY
Maine Susan Collins 2020 NAY NAY
Mississippi Thad Cochran 2020 YEA
Mississippi Roger Wicker 2018 YEA YEA
Missouri Roy Blunt 2016 YEA
Montana Steve Daines 2020
Nebraska Deb Fischer 2018 NAY NAY YEA
Nebraska Ben Sasse 2020 NAY NAY YEA
Nevada Dean Heller 2018 NAY NAY YEA
New Hampshire Kelly Ayotte 2016 NAY NAY
North Carolina Richard Burr 2016 Undecided Undecided Undecided
North Carolina Thom Tillis 2020 NAY
North Dakota John Hoeven 2016 NAY
Ohio Rob Portman 2016 YEA YEA NAY
Oklahoma Jim Inhofe 2020 YEA YEA NAY
Oklahoma James Lankford 2016 NAY
Pennsylvania Pat Toomey 2016 NAY Undecided NAY
South Carolina Lindsey Graham 2020 NAY NAY
South Carolina Tim Scott 2016 YEA
South Dakota John Thune 2016  NAY NAY  YEA
South Dakota Mike Rounds 2020 NAY
Tennessee Lamar Alexander 2020 YEA
Tennessee Bob Corker 2018 YEA NAY
Texas John Cornyn 2020  YEA YEA NAY
Texas Ted Cruz 2018  YEA YEA NAY
Utah Orrin Hatch 2018 YEA YEA NAY
Utah Mike Lee 2016 NAY NAY YEA
West Virginia Shelley Moore Capito 2020 NAY NAY YEA
Wisconsin Ron Johnson 2016 YEA YEA NAY
Wyoming Mike Enzi 2020
Wyoming John Barrasso 2018

Update Sat 8-Oct-16 8:23PM PDT: Added many values (too many to list here) to many of the blank cells; added links from many of the table’s cells to news websites supporting the values in individual cells.
Update Sat 8-Oct-16 4:09PM PDT: Added column listing when each Republican Senator is up for re-election.
Update Sat 8-Oct-16 4:48PM PDT: Added columns listing whether each Senator endorses Trump and whether each Senator has called for Trump to step down. Also added many links to sources supporting the information in this table.