TRUMP: His Bigotry & Hate is not Welcome in the U.K. or Israel

Racists and Bigots are allowed to to speak and to advocate their racist and bigoted views in the USA, but other countries have laws against such hate speech, so Donald Trump could be blocked from entry into Britain.


560K signed petition against Trump


More than 360,000 people, angered by Donald Trump’s call to ban the entry of Muslims into the United States, have signed a petition accusing him of hate speech and asking the British government to bar him from the country.


[The text of the petition:]

“The U.K. has banned entry to many individuals for hate speech,” it says. “The same principles should apply to everyone who wishes to enter the U.K. If the United Kingdom is to continue applying the ‘unacceptable behavior’ criteria to those who wish to enter its borders, it must be fairly applied to the rich as well as poor, and the weak as well as powerful.”


In the strongest criticism ever of an American presidential candidate by a Prime Minister, David Cameron said it was “wrong” to question the courage of Britain’s policemen and then attacked his call for a ban on Muslims travelling to the United States as “divisive”.


The row means that if Mr Trump wins the presidential election in less than a year diplomatic relations between Britain and the United States could become close to untenable.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is rejecting Donald Trump’s remarks about banning Muslims from entering the United States, saying that Israel “respects all religions and strictly guarantees the rights of all its citizens.”


Sir Peter Westmacott, British ambassador to the US, objected to Trump’s bigotry:

“There is somebody called Donald Trump running in your presidential campaign, and he again spoke this morning about the UK, saying that we were busy disguising a massive Muslim problem,” the ambassador said. “That’s not the way we see it. We are very proud of our Muslim community in the United Kingdom.”


“Sir Peter…told the gathering that jihadist groups did not truly reflect Islam and warned that Mr Trump’s rhetoric made it harder to fight terrorism.”