I Get Hate Tweets

While the Secular Outpost strives to promote a professional, respectful atmosphere, it’s useful to be reminded that “Real Life” can sometimes be very different.
Here’s a case in point. A vitriolic, apparently (?) Catholic Twitter user with the handle (@NIGELTEAPOT) recently sent me a stream of 18 tweets before blocking me.
Here’s the context. Pastor Rick Henderson (author of the Huffington Post editorial I responded to a few days ago) and I were having an exchange:

Then @NIGELTEAPOT enters the discussion:

I think the rest of the exchange speaks for itself.

I then looked at his Twitter profile and found the words “ATHEISTS NOT WELCOME.”
Woe is me! How will I cope?
Disclaimer: I am not in any way suggesting that @NIGELTEAPOT is representative of most theists, much less the best of them.

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