Randal Rauser’s Latest Book (with a Contribution from Yours Truly)

AtheistNeighborRandal Rauser has written a new book, Is the Atheist My Neighbor? Rethinking Christian Attitudes Towards Atheism. Rauser’s book is a model of philosophical charity. In the book, Rauser argues against Christian stereotypes of atheists, on both empirical and Biblical grounds. For this reason alone, I think all atheists should want this book.

Here is a link to the the book at Amazon:


In the spirit of full disclosure, I am not a neutral reviewer of this book because I am a contributor to it. Rauser decided to profile me as a case study in how an atheist can offer an intellectual case for atheism without being angry at God or the church. So one of the chapters includes my cumulative case for metaphysical naturalism, including two brand new arguments, followed by a short back-and-forth exchange between Rauser and I about some related issues. (For the avoidance of doubt, this exchange is not in any way a debate about the arguments; rather, this exchange is about Christian stereotypes about atheists.) Speaking of my contribution to the book, Rauser just honored me again tonight with this tweet:

Jeff Lowder’s contribution alone justifies the cost of the book. https://t.co/GZXZXtvQ1K

— Randal Rauser (@RandalRauser) July 4, 2015

I think Rauser’s contribution alone justifies the cost of the book. But “justifying the cost of the book” doesn’t do it justice. Anyone who is interested in the kinds of things this blog is about should consider Rauser’s book a “must-read.” Run, not walk, to your nearest physical (or virtual) bookseller and get your copy today!