Ted Rall comes out?

I’ve occasionally referred to Ted Rall, the cartoonist and author, as an example of an ultraliberal theist who was indistinguishable from a godless humanist (especially a left-wing godless humanist) on ethical matters. But in a recent column, he says

Science isn’t reconcilable with faith. Rubio knows that. But he also knows what would happen to his presidential aspirations if he admitted the truth.
God is a lie.
If you believe in God, you are stupid.
If you think the earth is 6,000 years old, that humans and dinosaurs coexisted, and/or that climate change isn’t real or caused by people, you are an idiot.
Since many of my readers believe in God, the words above will cost me sales and clients. Optimists might argue that being forthright about my beliefs will attract at least as many new customers. But that’s not the way the world works.


On one hand, it’s mildly encouraging to see someone resolve the intellectual tensions in their views by adopting what I think is a more sensible position.

On the other hand, it’s mildly annoying as it deprives me of an example I could use when I feel like arguing that nonbelief in God can be irrelevant in ethical and political matters.

Maybe I should pay more attention to how atheism can matter.