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Religion in Human Evolution

I tried to read Robert N. Bellah’s Religion in Human Evolution. It should have been interesting—prominent social scientist writes ambitious, sweeping book about religion—but I abandoned it about a third of the way through. I rarely fail to finish books. But I couldn’t stand this one any more. My impression: it’s a profoundly learned but Religion in Human Evolution

New Chick Tract

You can’t even tell where the religious weirdness ends and the political right-wing weirdness begins. Your name Your email Subject Your message (optional)

Oxford Handbook of Atheism contents

Here’s the contents list of a book coming out in about a year, with some chapters appearing online earlier. It should be interesting… The Oxford Handbook of Atheism [FINAL CONTENTS LIST] Editors: Stephen Bullivant (St Mary’s University College) and Michael Ruse (Florida State University) Introduction: The Study of Atheism – Stephen Bullivant (St Mary’s) and Oxford Handbook of Atheism contents

Freedom of the Press Foundation

Nonbelievers have a strong interest in free speech and a free press, particularly where freedom to publicly criticize religion in concerned. This is particularly clear in Islamic contexts, where religion is socially very powerful. Since censorship is usually deployed by the powerful in protection of their interests, it’s understandable that Muslim countries are often in Freedom of the Press Foundation

Ted Rall comes out?

I’ve occasionally referred to Ted Rall, the cartoonist and author, as an example of an ultraliberal theist who was indistinguishable from a godless humanist (especially a left-wing godless humanist) on ethical matters. But in a recent column, he says Science isn’t reconcilable with faith. Rubio knows that. But he also knows what would happen to Ted Rall comes out?

God on a cow

Catholics see Jesus on burnt toast. Muslims don’t do images, so they see “Allah” in Arabic script on various objects. Inside vegetables that have been cut open is a perennial favorite. Here is one of these miracles from Turkey: a cow, intended for sacrifice in the present Eid, which appears to vaguely perhaps have “Allah” God on a cow


Well, monotheistic weirdness is but a subset of the weirdness we humans are capable of. And damn, are we capable of an awful lot of brain-melting, asinine notions that tie into spiritual beliefs. For example: (Sounds of me banging my head against a wall…) Your name Your email Subject Your message (optional)