Paul Draper’s Chapter, “Christian Theism and Life on Earth”


  • Christian theism and life on earth; arguments against Christian theism, CT and IN; comparing Christian theism (“CT”) to “indifference naturalism”; IN, a form of naturalism and CT, supernaturalism; evolution, on special creationism as false; implication of God’s “rationality,” creating a universe; theistic objections to special creationism; methodological naturalism, in the physical sciences; IN and CT, and accuracy, to the condition of life on earth; evolution, theists the belief, of God as not the special creator


    This chapter contains sections titled:

    • Introduction
    • Evolution
    • Flourishing and Floundering
    • Conclusion
    • Notes
    • References
    • Further Reading


    It’s unfortunate this is behind a “paywall.” I wouldn’t mind it in the least if someone with access were to send me a copy!