CFI needs help

The Center for Inquiry, one of the leading US organizations supporting skepticism about the paranormal and the supernatural, plus secularism and humanism, is in serious financial trouble due to a large donor not being able to contribute as much as usual. Please consider donating a small amount to help.

CFI is the organization behind magazines such as the Skeptical Inquirer and Free Inquiry. (If you are not already subscribed, you may find it worthwhile to do so. They’re much more satisfying than blogs.) And organizations and institutions are important, especially if you care about skepticism and humanism as public presences beyond the academic ghetto. Indeed, one of the enduring weaknesses of skepticism and nonbelief in the US has been its tenuous institutional base. Organizations like CFI are invaluable in this regard.

So, again, please consider donating a small amount.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with CFI. But they have occasionally published my articles, and invited me to give presentations.