Christian vandalism

I’ve written occasionally about how atheist billboards in the US have a way of attracting vandalism. Some conservative Christians have noticed as well. Recently I’ve run into two examples of justifying such vandalism. One, which has already been well-savaged by PZ Myers, is a WorldNetDaily piece by one Chrissy Satterfield.

Mind you, WorldNetDaily is a seriously insane web site. (I often visit it for entertainment.) It’s a good place for birther conspiracies and the likes.

But since we’re looking at loonies, here’s a slightly more sober expression of sympathy for Christian vandalism, now from a Institute for Creation Research periodical:

While vandalism should not be condoned, these recent events shed light on what some Americans will do when they feel that their freedom of speech is threatened. An atheist spokesman in North Carolina said their message is needed to “let people know we exist and that there’s a community here.”

Yet he failed to mention the concerted effort of atheist groups to stop religious Americans from freely exercising their religion. Not content with having the freedom themselves to worship or not as they see fit, militant atheists increasingly seek to shackle the beliefs of their fellow citizens through their own distorted interpretation of “separation of church and state.”

It’s such a comfort to know that a few among Christian conservatives are so willing to stand up for God-given Absolute Morality and do not let mere criminality stop them. It’s even more heartwarming to know that the vandalism is really being committed in defense of the freedom of speech.