Richard Carrier’s Notes on the Jesus Project

Richard Carrier recently posted on hig blog his take on a recent conference of the Jesus Project. Based on Carrier’s description, it sounds like a very interesting scholarly project indeed. One particular paragraph in Carrier’s blog made me chuckle:

Some said they were down on the Project because James Tabor was prominently associated with it (he’s supposedly a crank historicist), while others said they were down on the Project because Frank Zindler was invited to give a paper (he’s supposedly a crank mythicist). This is all rather ironic, since being down on the Project for being too sympathetic to historicity and mythicism entails a rather obvious contradiction, and belies instead the fact that the Project isn’t “too sympathetic” to either. Citing evidence that we’re willing to hear out scholars of wildly diverse perspectives only confirms the validity of what we’re doing.