Month: October 2008

Bound by scripture

Last week I gave one of my talks where about half the audience was Muslim. (This is what happens when the organizers use a bland title such as “Islam and Science.”) These are always interesting. I don’t go out of my way to criticize Islam, but I forcefully point out the severe weakness of Muslim Bound by scripture

Talk in Madison, WI

I’ll be giving a public talk on “Islam and Science” in the Madison Public Library this Thursday evening at 7:00. (More information.) It’ll be based on An Illusion of Harmony: Science and Religion in Islam. I jut thought I’d mention it, in case anyone who reads this lives in the vicinity.

His mother was an atheist (horrors)

We’re pretty used to an atheist having a snowball’s chance in hell of success in American politics. Here is something I hadn’t come across before: a “values voter” firmly decided she’s going to vote against Barack Obama because his mother was an atheist and father was a Muslim. Does this mean there is someone His mother was an atheist (horrors)

Added Links to 2 New Blogs

I’ve added links on the bottom-right frame of the Secular Outpost to two new blogs. “The Frame Problem” According to its founder/editor, this blog is “the first blog carnival on the Net dedicated to Scientology, entitled the CarnivUL of The fraudless (or CarnivULT) – inspired by UTI’s the Carnival of the Godless.” “The Atheist Spot“: Added Links to 2 New Blogs

Take the Unbelief Test!

I was looking at an ad on the Amazon site for Daniel Keeran’s book If there is no God, and I saw this blurb for the book: “Atheism is more than a belief in no god or gods. Take the unbelief test. Do you believe: 1. humans have souls? 2. there is an afterlife? 3. Take the Unbelief Test!

An Argument for Atheism – Part 4

In Chapter 2 of The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins gives an argument for atheism. The argument is a chain of reasoning consisting of five inferences. The first inference is a non sequitur, but I have attempted to rescue the argument by making explicit an unstated assumption, and by clarifying the first two premises. In my last An Argument for Atheism – Part 4