Secularists as another multicultural tribe?

I’m not a political junkie, but I’m beginning to see a familiar sense of panic in some Democratic circles, which might mean a Republican win is likely this November. Christian nationalism may work, once again. So, as far as political secularism is concerned, we’ll get a fast deterioration rather than slow. We should expect, for example, more right wing Supreme Court judges who will usher in a legal regime where government favors religion over irreligion. (It will be generic theism rather than any specific sect that receives endorsement.)

Meanwhile, in Britain, it appears that that quietly, sharia tribunals have been operating. They are empowered to act as binding arbitrators. The report mentions a case in which they have already ruled that male offspring should receive a double share in inheritance.

The first reaction among many, especially secularists, is outrage. It won’t last—people will soon settle down and realize that sharia courts are inevitable if you have a significant conservative Muslim population. In any case, most of us will just get used to having sharia courts around and get on with our lives.

Still, the British situation might point out a solution for American problems. Maybe secularists should claim to be an identity group, or another tribe that can demand its interests be met in a multicultural society. We can have our own enclaves, our own courts where the ten commandments are not displayed, our own neighborhoods where blasphemous material is freely on sale, our own schools where evolution is not under constant pressure.