One Man’s Modus Ponens…Part 2

Here is another argument for God, based on answered prayers: 1. If God exists, then it is very likely that prayers to God for healing from injury or disease would usually be immediately followed by instantaneous and complete healing, except when the injury or disease was the result of self-destructive, foolish, or morally wrong actions One Man’s Modus Ponens…Part 2

Atheist Prayer Experiment

Justin Brierley reviews the results of an experiment in which atheists pray for 40 days for God to reveal himself to them. Go here. Thanks to The Atheist Missionary for drawing attention to this on twitter. This is a win-win experiment to set up for the purposes of evangelizing of course. Reasons why you should Atheist Prayer Experiment

Negative study on intercessory prayer

Information on the Herbert Benson-led study on the possible health benefits of intercessory prayer has begun to appear in the media. The results appear to be negative. (Disclaimer: the actual journal article appears next week. And I’m a physicist, not qualified to comment on the details of medical research anyway. And as some of the Negative study on intercessory prayer