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If you are using an RSS reader, please update your reader as follows. To follow The Secular Outpost at its new site on Patheos, subscribe to this feed:
Because we migrated our Disqus account from the old site to the new site, the location of the RSS feed for comments is unchanged. In case you have not already subscribed to the comments feed and wish to follow comments made about The Secular Outpost posts, subscribe to this feed:

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After the migration to Patheos, I learned that it may, in fact, be possible to migrate our old Discus comments over to Patheos from the old site. In order to avoid a lot of problems caused by publishing comments on the new site using the Patheos system and then switching back to Discus, all new comments are being held up in moderation while we wait to get the Discus comments migrated. If the Discus migration works, we will notify each comment author individually asking them to repost their comments through Discus. If the Discus migration does not work, we will “approve” each of the pending comments through the Patheos commenting system.
Thanks for your patience. I apologize for the delay!

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This is our last post on Blogger–at least for the foreseeable future. All new Secular Outpost posts for the foreseeable future will be featured exclusively at Patheos. After this weekend, all older posts will redirect automatically to the new site at Patheos. Once the archive of the blog is moved to Patheos, I will be shutting off the ability to comment here at the Blogger version of the blog because those comments would be lost to posterity anyway when the redirects kick in. will direct to the new site once the migration is complete.

comments made using Discus will, unfortunately, not migrate to the new
site. Past comments made using the old Blogger commenting system–what
we used before switching to Discus–will migrate over to Patheos.
I want to quote something written by Daniel Fincke when he announced that he was moving his blog to Patheos.

Now, I know that some atheist readers are not happy with the idea of atheist bloggers joining up with Patheos.
The majority of the ideas expressed on the total site are religious and
theistic in nature. I am not going to like a lot of what the bloggers
from the religious channels on the site say any more than many of you

But we adamant atheists have a seat at the table for discussion of religion at Patheos.
Actually, better than that–we have our own table, and it’s growing in
size and hopefully will grow in influence. I will continue to do my
damnedest to counter faith, authoritarianism, irrationalism,
superstition, dogmatism, fundamentalism, regressiveness, and all the
other vices of the major existing religions and theistic philosophies.
And the exciting part is that now all of this work will be somewhere
where it’s a harder for religious people to ignore it.

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

I’m looking forward to blogging in the Atheist Channel with Daniel Fincke (Camels with Hammers), Hemant Mehta (Friendly Atheist), Chris Hallquist (Uncredible Hallq), Adam Lee (Daylight Atheism), Bob Seidensticker (Cross Examined), plus everyone else there.

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Here are two ways you may connect with me “socially” if you’re so inclined.

Atheist Nexus


I have very little on that site at this time, but if you’d like to “connect” in a more social fashion feel free to drop by and send a request.

Google Plus



I have a Facebook account, but I am not a fan of Facebook, so I’m not interested in building out my connections there.


Say, just as a matter of interest, can anybody tell me who or what determines which ads are displayed when we look at Secular Outpost? I have been getting one that says “Liberty University: Training Champions for Christ since 1971.” It has a faint image of someone who seems to be having an orgasm. Is it kind of peculiar that an atheist site would be carrying ads for fundamentalist schools (Liberty was founded by Jerry Falwell)? Also, there is one ad saying that three people have unfriended me on Facebook. (I’m crushed, utterly) Another ad shows a young woman wearing socks, panties, and a T-shirt reading “Meh.” Now I’m old, not dead, so I do not object too strenuously to the depiction of a young woman partially undressed. However, I do wonder why such an ad is displayed in such a venue as SO. Anybody buying “Meh” T-shirts out there? Just curious.

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FYI: If you like posts on this site, Disqus has a feature which allows you to “star” the page. Look for the box which appears directly below each post and directly above all of the comments which says something like “0 stars,” “1 star,” etc. Clicking that box once will add a star. Clicking it a second time will “undo” your previous action to give it a star.

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It appears the site’s migration to the Disqus commenting system is complete. What this means to you:

1. You now have the ability to edit a comment after posting it, a feature which is sorely lacking in Blogger’s built-in comment functionality.

2. Disqus provides a much more visually intuitive way of grouping comments with their replies, by displaying them in a nested tree hierarchy. Comments migrated from the old Blogger system will not be displayed in a hierarchy, but any new replies to comments  (posted using Disqus) will display the hierarchy.

3. You have the ability to “follow” other commenters, enabling you to see not only their comments on this site, but their comments on any Disqus-enabled site.

4. Comments can be formatted with a greater set of HTML tags than before. See here for help.

5. If you configured your RSS reader to subscribe to the old RSS feed for comments on The Secular Outpost, new comments will not appear on that subscription. If you wish to subscribe to comments for The Secular Outpost as a whole, you will need to subscribe using this address.

I hope you like the new comment system! Please let me know what you think.

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I’m going to be migrating The Secular Outpost over to Disqus tonight for comments on posts. This will cause all old comments to temporarily disappear from the site, possibly for more than 24 hours, until Disqus successfully imports the old comments from Blogger. Once the migration is complete, the end result should be a vastly improved experience for anyone who leaves comments on the site. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.

bookmark_borderPlease Welcome Matt DeStefano to the Secular Outpost!

I’m pleased to announce that Matt DeStefano has joined The Secular Outpost as a contributor. Here is a quick autobiography by Matt.

I grew up as an Evangelical Christian, but I began to seriously doubt the basic tenets of my faith after reading major philosophical works pertaining to religion. I eventually saw my faith as untenable, and abandoned it for a largely naturalist perspective. I have a BA in Philosophy (specialization in Logic & Philosophy of Science) from Sacramento State University, and am now a graduate student pursuing my MA in Philosophy at University of Missouri, St. Louis. My interests lie in philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind, naturalism, and epistemology.