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This is our last post on Blogger–at least for the foreseeable future. All new Secular Outpost posts for the foreseeable future will be featured exclusively at Patheos. After this weekend, all older posts will redirect automatically to the new site at Patheos. Once the archive of the blog is moved to Patheos, I will be shutting off the ability to comment here at the Blogger version of the blog because those comments would be lost to posterity anyway when the redirects kick in. will direct to the new site once the migration is complete.

comments made using Discus will, unfortunately, not migrate to the new
site. Past comments made using the old Blogger commenting system–what
we used before switching to Discus–will migrate over to Patheos.
I want to quote something written by Daniel Fincke when he announced that he was moving his blog to Patheos.

Now, I know that some atheist readers are not happy with the idea of atheist bloggers joining up with Patheos.
The majority of the ideas expressed on the total site are religious and
theistic in nature. I am not going to like a lot of what the bloggers
from the religious channels on the site say any more than many of you

But we adamant atheists have a seat at the table for discussion of religion at Patheos.
Actually, better than that–we have our own table, and it’s growing in
size and hopefully will grow in influence. I will continue to do my
damnedest to counter faith, authoritarianism, irrationalism,
superstition, dogmatism, fundamentalism, regressiveness, and all the
other vices of the major existing religions and theistic philosophies.
And the exciting part is that now all of this work will be somewhere
where it’s a harder for religious people to ignore it.

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

I’m looking forward to blogging in the Atheist Channel with Daniel Fincke (Camels with Hammers), Hemant Mehta (Friendly Atheist), Chris Hallquist (Uncredible Hallq), Adam Lee (Daylight Atheism), Bob Seidensticker (Cross Examined), plus everyone else there.