Amy Lepine Peterson

Christopher Hitchens RIP

Dear Bleaders, I wrote a little essay on Christopher Hitchens and the meaning of life and death for the Ottawa Citizen called “For Atheists This Life is Enough.” Maybe have a look? Maybe tell me what you think. x Jennifer Your name Your email Subject Your message (optional)

Fun with Poetic Atheism

Dear Bleaders, I’m getting the sense that atheism in these parts (’round this url) is not as, shall we say “taken for granted” as it is in my usual conversations. A good number of my usual conversations take place in my head, the ones that involve other people are still usually in New York City, Fun with Poetic Atheism

A Thanksgiving Gift from Emily

Dear Bleaders, “Faith” is a fine invention When Gentlemen can see– But Microscopes are prudent in an Emergency. A favorite of mine from Emily Dickinson, offered here as a little digestif to your worldly feasts. Happy Thanksgiving. (Reread the poem slowly as if Lauren Becall were saying it into your ear very dramatically with an A Thanksgiving Gift from Emily

Down with Agnosticism

Dear Bleaders, I’m against Agnosticism. I think it is hooey. Ancient Skepticism made the beautiful point that we are such imperfect sensing and thinking beings that we cannot really know anything; that everything true has an opposite that can also be argued; that true contradictions can be shown; and that irrational states of mind teach Down with Agnosticism