New Book Published on Feser, Thomism, and Natural Law Theory of Ethics

I recently wrote the Foreword for a new book that takes a skeptical look at Edward Feser’s views, Thomism, and the Natural Law Theory of Ethics.  The book is called The Unnecessary Science: A Critical Analysis of Natural Law Theory.  

Here is the final paragraph of the Foreword that I wrote for the book:

In The Unnecessary Science, Gunther Laird provides an intellectual banquet of concepts, principles, arguments, and skeptical objections about religion and morality that draws upon the ideas of two of the greatest philosophers of western thought: Aristotle and Aquinas—as clarified and defended by the modern Catholic philosopher Ed Feser. Laird provides an antidote to Feser’s conservative Catholic views: skeptical arguments that will help liberals (and others) to win the Culture Wars. He does this in a way that is user friendly and entertaining, while emphasizing and promoting some key aspects of critical thinking—hypothetical reasoning and dialectical thinking. In this book, you will discover how philosophical thinking going back to ancient Athens still has relevance for how we should think and live in the 21st century.

Graham Oppy also had some good words to say about the book:

Gunther Laird casts a critical eye over the books and blogs of Edward Feser… The work gives readers plenty to think about.

– Graham Oppy, Professor of Philosophy, Monash University

The Unnecessary Science is available on