Christian Charity on Display

Yesterday (7/5/16) The Houston Chronicle published my letter below:

The 5-3 Supreme Court ruling against Texas’ oppressive abortion restrictions is a rebuke to extremism. It is also a rebuke to dishonesty. The purpose of the legislation, indeed its sole purpose, was to restrict access to abortion. When they take office members of the Texas State Legislature swear an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend” the Constitution of the United States, and women in this country have a constitutional right to unhampered access to abortion. Sponsors of the restrictions could not admit that they were violating their oath of office, so they claimed that their aim was to “protect the health of women.” This clumsy sophistry fooled absolutely no one, except perhaps the three dissenting Supreme Court justices. Of course, as Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has already promised, opponents of abortion will redouble their efforts. They believe that they have God on their side. What they do not have on their side is truth.

 Today I received this e-mail in response:

Hi. So if abortion is so great, then even you could have been aborted with no repercussions?   Yeah?  Sure.  Think about it.

Keith. Your lack of logic about the democrat side and supposedly supporting truth?   I can’t laugh loud enough – at you or for you?   Don’t put your faith in men or women.

God IS on the anti-abortion side.   GOD is Truth! Also.  No matter what you say!!   God created ALL things.  Even you.

Dan Patrick has more morality in his pinky than than ALL democrats combined in their collective bodies.   He is human and a sinner like I am.

The basis of how Planned Parenthood was started was obvious genocide. Check out the videos.

Dan Clayton

Here was my response to Mr. Clayton:


 I would like to personally thank you for your demonstration of Christian charity. Clearly, your faith has so filled you with love and tolerance that you can recognize that even someone who strongly disagrees with you can be an honest and rational person. Thanks also for your demonstration of logical thinking and rigorous reasoning about difficult issues. Clearly, you are a Christian gentleman and a scholar. I am humbled by your charitable and calmly reasonable response. Since I am sure that I will never receive a better response from you, I am blocking you to keep from cluttering my inbox. I am sure that you will understand, being the understanding person you so clearly are.