The Debate about Jesus has Begun

The debate between me and Joe Hinman about the existence of Jesus has begun.
We are focusing on just the external (non-biblical) evidence.
Joe has published his positive case for the claim that:
…the external (not in Bible) evidence is strong enough to warrant belief in Jesus’ historicity.
Here is a link to Joe’s initial post that summarizes his positive case:
Joe has divided his case into five arguments, four of which are based on specific external sources:
I. The Talmud
II. Papias
III. Josephus (mainly the brother passage)
IV. Polycarp
V. The web of historicity
I plan to respond to each of these arguments/sources with a separate post here at The Secular Outpost, so I plan to write five posts.
I believe that Joe will respond to my posts over on the Christian CADRE blog.
After Joe responds to my five posts (either with five posts or with one long post), I believe that we will write one more post each to wrap up the debate, summarizing the issues and arguments and what we think the debate has shown.

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