Busted. Victor Reppert has Nailed Us. We Became Atheists for the Sex

OK fellow secularists, the game’s up. Victor Reppert has nailed us.


Secularist organizations seem to be having a lot of trouble with sexual harassment. 

 You have to ask “What did you think was going to happen?” One of the key selling points of secularism is that you don’t have to follow those benighted old restrictions on sexual conduct imposed by those nasty, prudish and repressive Christians. And then, lo and behold, vulnerable people are threatened by the out-of-control libidos of such “liberated” people.” 

 Surprise, surprise. Next thing you know, we will be finding out that gambling is going on in Casablanca.

Busted. Yes, we might as well admit it. We all became atheists for the same reason that Gene Simmons said he became a rock star, so that he could “BLEEP until his BLEEP fell off.” Confidentially to all you young guys out there, nothing, absolutely nothing, turns on attractive young women like dropping the hint that you are an atheist. “Read any Ingersoll lately, babe?” is a sure-fire pickup line. A Darwin Fish on the lapel is an irresistible magnet. Next time you are at a party, just put on some Jean Paul Sartre sophistication modified by a dash of Bertrand Russell cockiness and sidle up to the lady of your choice. Cock an eyebrow and ask if, while refreshing her drink, you might offer her a copy of Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion to peruse. If you go home alone, I’ll eat your copy of the Dialogues.