Nasty as you want to be: Bash Erdogan

Lately here at SO I have issued a number of calls for civility in discussions, eliciting some very uncivil responses from some quarters. Generally, though, the comments have been encouragingly positive and make me think that the rude and the crude, as always, make us overlook the good people. Yep, civility, restraint, and respect. All great.

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if there were someone, an obnoxious, egotistical, irrational bully, say, whom you could bash and rip in perfectly good conscience and to your heart’s content? After all, we each have a mean streak, and wouldn’t be great to have someone with whom you could freely indulge your nasty side?

Enter Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Islamist quasi dictator who is striving to de-secularize Turkey with a host of repressive acts. Lately, offended at the jibes of a German TV satirist, Erdogan has pressured the German government, brought a criminal complaint against the satirist, and got Angela Merkel to commit an embarrassing indiscretion:

As the article says, Germany is a very funny place with great TV satire (You vill vatch, und you VILL be amused!–Sorry. I saw too many old war movies.). Seriously, Germans love freewheeling satire as much as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert fans do. So, in solidarity with German satirists and in celebration of the freedom to bash one who is fully deserving of whatever we dish out, let me invite commentators to add their own–hopefully amusing–comments, insults, and jokes at Erdogan’s expense. Be mean.

I’ll start us off: A teacher in a Turkish school art class was disturbed to find that one kid was making a sculpture out of dog excrement. “What are you doing?!?!” the teacher demanded. “I’m making a statue of Bashar al-Assad” the kid replied. “Oh! Okay. Ha, Ha, Ha!” says the teacher “But why are you making a statue of al-Assad?” The kid replies, “Because I don’t have enough shit to make one of President Erdogan.”