Bird Sighting: The Greater Right-Winged Texas Loon

This story has already been noted on at least one other atheist site, but I have to run it here also. It looks like Mary Lou Bruner, a wacko who says that Barack Obama was a gay prostitute, is headed for the Texas State Board of Education:

As I have noted here (many times) before, Texas is Bizarro World. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality works tirelessly to make things easy for big polluters. Attorney General Ken Paxton, the chief law enforcement official of the state of Texas, has been indicted for securities fraud. The State Board of Education assiduously promotes ignorance. Under their leadership, Texas schoolchildren learn that Moses was practically a Founding Father and that the Ten Commandments inspired the U.S. Constitution. The crackpot fantasies of David Barton are preferred over the scholarship of real historians (David Barton is to a real historian as Milli Vanilli was to the Rolling Stones.). A few years back Don McLeroy, a young-earth creationist dentist who was chair of the SBOE strongly promoted the inclusion of “intelligent design” in the science curriculum. However, this Bruner character is extraordinary even in such a context. It is hard enough to believe that she was actually a teacher in the public schools. It is nearly impossible to think of a situation that would parallel putting her on the State Board of Education. Here are some possible parallels: Putting Bernie Madoff on the Securities Exchange Commission; making Jeffrey Dahmer the New York Times food critic (sorry); giving Bashar al-Assad the Nobel Peace Prize.