New Fossil Proves Genesis!

A new fossil discovery supports the Genesis account that snakes had legs before God cursed them for enticing Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit:

Call me a nitpicker, but I am still not satisfied!  After all, the serpent that “tempted” Eve was also quite loquacious, and not only loquacious, but, according to Genesis, was the most “subtle,” i.e. cunning, of all the creatures in the garden, apparently including Adam and Eve. Not only that, he clearly had a sense of morality since what he said was exactly true: God had falsely said that they would die when they ate the fruit, but the serpent pointed out that this was unlikely, and, in fact, they did not die. He also correctly informed Eve of the consequences of eating, namely that she would come to know good and evil. Sadly, the fossil evidence does not support the Genesis account of this intelligent, helpful, and honest serpent.