Fan Mail from a True Christian

This morning I found the following message in my inbox:


I have just been looking at some of the videos of you v William Land Craig and I have to say for sheer stupidity you take some beating!

Satan loves people like [you] though he hates you on a personal basis.

Rose White

To which I sent the following reply:

Ms. White,

Thank you for your loving exhibition of Christian charity. Even though I am an atheist, I am truly humbled by your display of kindness and openness to someone with a different opinion. I am so moved by your example that I will post it on Secular Outpost where everyone can see that there are some true Christians left in the world.


Keith M. Parsons

This elicited a further message:

Hi Keith,

Many thanks for your understanding – perhaps you ought to try using a little of the brainpower that God put in we humans rather swallowing Satan’s nonsense?

Sadly there are very few True Christian like I left in the world but plenty of hypocritical ones who pander to the stupid atheists and Evolutionists.

I wil[l] now attempt to glance at SecOut to see what crap you Satanists post.


PS I have to say that your attempt at sarcasm is as poor as your grasp of reality.

To which I have replied:


Thank you once again for your humbling display of love and charity. Also, allow me to mention the obvious evidence of high intelligence and high educational attainment that your missives indicate. Truly, you seem to be both a saint and a scholar.


Keith Parsons