Please Support the Ultimate Counter-Creationism Resource, Troubles in Paradise (TIP)!

The following is a guest post by James Downard, who is spearheading the Troubles in Paradise (TIP) project.

I’ll put the #TIP project into as small a nutshell as possible. I’m assembling the ultimate counter-creationism resource (think Talk Origins Archive on a gigantic updated scale, if you need proof of the scale, open up the main TIP bibliography & see what 37,000 sources looks like) aiming to squash antievolutionists between two vise prongs: the evidence for evolution on one side, and their consistently pathetic evasion of that on the other. You can see what I’ve done so far at and Nick Matzke did a great interview at

TIP 1.3 & 1.7 modules give the thrust of what I’m up to (Richard Lenski contributed at once having seen those postings & said somebody should hire me to do this as my work). That’s what is for (need more Richard Lenskis obviously), for the secular crowd to “hire” me to keep going, collectively accomplishing things so I can keep at it (I’m a new retiree on way inadequate Social Security). The big plan is to cover all the people and topic that arise in antievolutionism, TIP 1.7 covers the ID movement’s hijinks up through the Dover case, how they coddle their YEC wing. Most of the future work will be covering specific technical issues and showing how ALL antievolutionists gum up, covering everybody. TIP 1.3 does that for the Punctuated Equilibrium case.

So far though there have been only 53 people who have stepped up to help #TIP financially, about half local people who know my work & reputation, the rest those online who have begun reading the work or have noticed how the methods approach actually does short-circuit antievolutionists in a way not possible so long as things stay on a God or Science philosophical battleground.

I welcome all questions & comments, by email, on my Facebook page, or on @RJDownard on Twitter. #TIP intended to be totally open access, free for all to use & share freely, no adverts or baggage, just pure info honestly & openly available for all. That’s my dream & goal.

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