Critical Thinking is Bigotry

Check Out the American Family Association’s (AFA) online “Anti-Christian Bigotry” map. (Sorry, I can’t provide the link) It has a map of North America listing atheist, humanist, GLBT, and “anti-Christian” (e.g. FFRF) groups. All of these groups are engaged in anti-Christian bigotry according to the AFA. For instance, they say of humanists groups: “Believes critical thinking and physical evidence are the sole basis for beliefs. Humanists believe science triumphs [sic] faith in issues of morality and decision-making.” Do you believe that science “triumphs” faith? Bigot! Do you employ critical thinking and physical evidence to ground your beliefs? Christophobe! Is you one of them preverts promotin’ th’ home-o-sexual agenda? You is goin’ to HAY-ULL!!!

The Tupelo, Mississippi-based AFA was in the news lately, BTW. They issued a condemnation of Fifty Shades of Gray, and called upon all Good Christians to boycott the movie. Well. Guess which state had the most advanced ticket sales for FSoG? That’s right, The Magnolia State. And guess which city in that state had the most advanced ticket sales. Uh huh, fair Tupelo. Say….do you think that the AFA bought up all those tickets to try to keep people from seeing the movie?!? I wonder if they would pay me the ticket price if I wrote and promised not to see it. (Psst. Just between you and me, I promise not to see it anyway)