Month: May 2014

Christian Apologetics and Politics

It’s remarkable how many Christian apologists feature anti-Obama posts, links, etc., as if that were part of defending the claims of Christianity. (If any Christian apologists read this, I think I understand why you disagree with various Obama policies and how your disagreement relates to your faith. I’m just surprised to see partisan politics mixed Christian Apologetics and Politics

Amoral Atheism Part 2

Physics cannot justify why anything is morally right or wrong. No one says that is a defect of physics because that’s not what physics is about. Like physics, atheism is also not about morality. So why should it be a defect of atheism that it cannot justify why anything is morally right or wrong?

Secular Outpost on Social Media

If you’re interested in connecting via social media, here are the details: Twitter: @secularfrontier Google+: Facebook: I don’t ‘like’ Facebook and have no plans to create a Facebook account for the Secular Outpost I am much more active on Twitter than I am on Google+. (In fact, this Google+ account is brand new. If you Secular Outpost on Social Media