Traditional Marriage According to the Bible

In a comment a couple of weeks ago I wondered aloud what “traditional marriage” actually was according to the Bible. This clears things up. Be sure to turn on your pop-up blocker before going to this site.

I once heard that an atheist speaker was asked what readings he would recommend that would support atheism. He recommended the Bible. The Bible, honestly read, really is the best support nonbelief could have. In fact, I am surprised that there are not more atheological arguments with a form something like this:

1) If the God of theism exists, his intelligent creatures will now possess a definitive revelation that clearly reveals God’s will vis-a-vis those creatures.

(Justification: The God of the omni-predicates, including omni-benevolence, will love his creatures and will not allow them to stumble in darkness without a message revealing his love for them and guiding them towards truth and goodness.)

2) If there is presently such a definitive revelation, it must be rationally recognizable as such, i.e.some extant purported scripture must bear marks that unmistakably indicate its divine provenance.

(Justification: The revelation must bear marks of superior wisdom, goodness, truth, and beauty that clearly distinguish it from merely human wisdom, goodness, truth, and beauty. Should these marks be absent, there will be no reason to think that a putative revelation was not a merely human invention).

3) Yet all extant purported scriptures lack those definitive marks of superior wisdom, goodness, truth, and beauty.

(Justification: All purported scripture, such as the books of the OT, those of the NT, the Qur’an, The Book of Mormon, etc. Contain some wisdom, goodness, truth, and beauty, but nothing obviously superior to that found in human philosophical and literary works. Further, those purported scriptures also contain copious elements of absurdity, ignorance, error, violence, intolerance, sexism, cruelty, and fanaticism. Therefore, extant purported scriptures lack definitive marks of divine provenance).

4) Therefore, there is no presently existing definitive revelation.

(Justification: From 2 and 3 by modus tollens).

5) Therefore, the God of theism does not exist.

(Justification: from 1 and 4 by modus tollens).