Patheos is Great. The Ads Suck

I have greatly enjoyed posting and commenting on Patheos. The look is great and the organization of posts and comments is first-rate. However, I am finding the ads increasingly intrusive. It always irritates me when I am trying to read a page and the ad is jumping around trying to get my attention. I’ve gotten kind of used to that though. Lately, when I am trying to read a post or comment, an ad will briefly intrude into the reading space. Something about dairy products. A while ago when trying to compose a comment, highly distracting audio would start playing advertising some damn thing. Of course, there is no free lunch, and we have to put up with ads to have the services at Patheos. However, I think ads should not be so aggressive as to interfere with the use or enjoyment of this forum. Maybe it would help if I assure the advertisers that if they really irritate me, I will make a special point never to buy their products.