Jeff’s Picks — 5 Aug 12

The Argument from Evil
  • Is Evil Evidence for God?” — by yours truly. A rebuttal to one attempt to use the “turnaround” strategy and argue that evil is evidence for God’s existence.
  • Does the Moral Argument Undercut the Problem of Evil?” by Thrasymachus
  • Why Moral Arguments Don’t Answer the Problem of Evil” by Thrasymachus
  • Evil Shifts the Burden of Proof onto Theism” by Thrasymachus

Morality without God
  • If Atheism, Whither Moral Facts? (or Moral Faculties?)” by Thrasymachus
Apologist Watch
  • Atheist Watch” — A new site by Joe Hinman, aka “Metacrock” of the Christian Cadre. 


[Editor’s Note (Lowder):  Despite its stated purpose (to “sound the alarm against” the bullying of hateful rhetoric from atheists), the scope of the site seems to go beyond that. For example, when I first saw this site, the latest post was “Prayer Studies and
the Echo Chamber
.” I didn’t read anything in that blog post which alleges anything to do with hateful rhetoric by atheists. Rather, this post seems to be a run-of-the-mill response to certain atheist critiques of claims about the power of prayer. I found several other examples of articles on the site which appear to have zero to do with hateful rhetoric, but seem to be standard critiques of certain atheistic arguments.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I just want to point how extremely selective the author appears to be–based on my 3 minutes of skimming the site–in terms of interacting with atheist arguments. My impression is that he spends most or all of his time interacting with the weakest arguments for atheism, but spends little or none of his time interacting with the strongest arguments for atheism.
In contrast, on The Secular Outpost and The Secular Web, we regularly go out of our way to interact with the best arguments theists and Christians have to offer. We obviously have a bias, but we at least attemptto interact with the strongest arguments for theism and Christianity.
Books of Interest
Culture Wars

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