Apologetics class

A high school senior emailed me and asked me to answer a bunch of questions, for her “Apologetics class.” Here are the questions and my short replies, for amusement value:

What is the origin of the universe and man? 

As physicists and biologists describe it. 

What is the purpose of mankind? 

We’re not tools: not the sort of things that have a predetermined purpose. 

What is satisfaction and how do I obtain it? (how can I be happy) 

This probably does not have a useful answer applicable to everyone. 

What has gone wrong with the world? (Why is there evil in the world – Why do bad things happen to good people) 

The way the world works is indifferent to human flourishing or suffering. 

What is the solution to the problems we face? (what happens when I fail and how do I make things right) 

There is no single meaningful answer to such a question. 

What is right and wrong? (is moral truth absolute or relative) 

Right and wrong is due to the interests of and agreements between sentient beings. 

Is there a universal moral law? (does everyone know the difference between right and wrong) 


What happens at death? (Where are we going when we die- How do we know and what does it look like, and if it is heaven-then how do we get there) 

Life ends. 

What does your faith do with the person of Jesus? 


Too bad I’m not going to get to see the canned apologetic comparisons between “faith”s designed to make Christianity the One True Faith.