If Threatened, Call the Mounties

It is a real pleasure to be able via this medium to correspond with smart people in Britain, Australia, Greece, Finland, and all over. Though the exchanges sometimes get boisterous, they are usually thoughtful and informed. The downside is that you cannot completely exclude comments by the ignorant, the fatuous, the self-important, or the seriously deranged. In this latter category is Dennis Markuze of Montreal, Canada. He is an infamous troll of atheist and skeptical sites. He posts under a variety of guises, but his style is unmistakable. Generally, he just posts repetitive, incoherent drivel, but sometimes he makes explicit threats. This is a crime and should not be tolerated. If he threatens you, you should contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Their contact information is as follows:

RCMP National Headquarters
Headquarters Building
1200 Vanier Parkway
Ottawa ON K1A 0R2

Phone: 613-993-7267

Fax: 613-993-0260

I used to live in Canada, and I will assure you that the Mounties do not put up with any bullshit.