Readers might be interested in checking out the imbroglio over on Victor Reppert’s Dangerous Idea blog. It started on May 30 when he linked to William Lane Craig’s argument that life without God is meaningless, and to my brief critique of Craig’s claim. This posting elicited 32 comments (as of this writing), many of which are flowing with vitriol. A little of the vitriol has been squirted in my direction, for having the temerity to critique Craig, but most respondents have directed bucketfulls at each other. Most venomous of all is some character who calls himself “Ilion” who seems intent on setting new standard of nastiness higher even (or is it “lower?”) than the previous gold standard set by Holding, Hays, and their ilk. Pardon my Schadenfreude, but it is always amusing and instructive to see that those types, however much they hate us atheists, hate each other so much more. Atheists like Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens have been excoriated for their splenetic commentaries on religon. I do think that D, H, & H should tone down the censure, not because it isn’t deserved, but because their invective is so embarrassingly amateurish compared to the true high-octane stuff Christians dish out at each other. Hell, if it weren’t for the Enlightenment, religious zealots would still be burning each other at the stake.