Christian deception about The Art of Deception

I recently read a review of Robert Morey’s 21-year-old book The New Atheism at Bill Muehlenberg’s CultureWatch blog, which describes Nicholas Capaldi’s The Art of Deception as “a famous atheist debating guide, in which every trick in the book is offered to fellow atheists as they attack theists.”

There are just a few problems with this statement–Capaldi is a Catholic, not an atheist; the book is an introduction to informal logic, not an atheist debating guide; and most of the few examples in the book which address theistic arguments are demonstrating deception in arguing for, rather than against, the existence of God. Morey seems to have gone so far as to fabricate quotations from Capaldi’s book as part of his argument against the honesty of atheists.

And upon reviewing Morey’s Wikipedia entry, there are yet further reasons that he seems not to be a very good personal example for the superiority of the ethics of Christians over atheists.

I’ve gone into the above in more detail at my own blog.