Clark Adams, RIP

I received the unfortunate news this morning that Clark Adams has died, and that he took his own life.

Clark was a long-time board member of the Internet Infidels (and for many years its public relations director) and a frequent speaker and attendee at atheist, freethought, humanist, and skeptical events. He was a jovial, funny man whose talks about atheism in popular culture were always crowd-pleasers. He was not particular about what label to put on his nonbelief, and was supportive of all groups that promoted rationality and critical thinking, including the “brights”–though he did not care for what he called “religion without the god stuff.”

There have been many touching tributes to Clark posted today, and I’m sure there will be many more to come:

All are agreed that Clark was an active atheist who was a great person to be around, who knew and was known by a vast number of people in atheist, freethought, humanist, and skeptical circles, and who will be missed.