13th District of California: holy smiting imminent?

The Secular Coalition of America reports that Rep. Pete Stark of the 13th Congressional District of California has acknowledged his nontheism in response to their inquiries. A Los Angeles Times article carries a little more detail:

“When the Secular Coalition asked me to complete a survey on my religious beliefs, I indicated I am a Unitarian who does not believe in a supreme being,” Stark said. “Like our nation’s founders, I strongly support the separation of church and state. I look forward to working with the Secular Coalition to stop the promotion of narrow religious beliefs in science, marriage contracts, the military and the provision of social services.”

It will be interesting to see whether this might inspire others to step forward, or whether it might cost Stark re-election instead. It also raises some travel concerns for me, since I have to fly to Oakland Airport later this month, and will hardly be able to do so if God wipes the East Bay out of existence.