Month: April 2006

Prayer Rally to Lower Gas Prices

Just when you thought Christianity’s penchant for the bizarre had exhausted itself comes news from UPI that a group calling itself “Pray Live” organized a D.C. prayer rally to lower gasoline prices. According to the story “various Christian clergy from around the country” met last Thursday and prayed to resolve the energy crisis. I wonder Prayer Rally to Lower Gas Prices

Creationism vs ID

Old-fashioned young earth creationists and intelligent design advocates occasionally air their disagreements in public, as described by this piece in Christianity Today. It’s too much to hope that they’ll all go on a heresy-hunt within the faith and leave the reality-based community alone for a bit, but it’s still nice to see them bashing one Creationism vs ID

Politically liberal religion

I just caught up with a recent issue of The Nation that includes a couple of articles by political liberals who are also religious. They argue that the Democratic party shouldn’t be so cool toward religious language and devout people. That the religious right can only properly be countered by a religious left that uses Politically liberal religion

Funding professorships

There’s a troubling news item concerning a scholar of Mormon history whose research has contradicted the official Mormon version of events, and possibly as a consequence, is having trouble getting an academic post. From the story: Mr. Quinn’s struggles reflect the rising influence of religious groups over the teaching of their faiths at secular colleges, Funding professorships

The plot thickens…

Not only have I apparently had a sex change when I wasn’t looking, but now I am a “comic genius” as well (Seinfeld, look out!) As everyone knows who’s in the know, Walton is the comic genius behind the hoax blog otherwise known as The Secular Outpost and its satellites. Moreover, “Frank Walton” has created The plot thickens…

Triablogue: Flippant dismissals

I guess I better start moving on getting some content up on my blog. Apparently my inactivity has been construed as indicating that I am a fictitious character. Now I’ve been called many things before, but fictitious has not been one of them. See: Triablogue: Flippant dismissals (April 16, 2006) “There is also a token Triablogue: Flippant dismissals