bookmark_borderReply to William Lane Craig on Evangelical Support for Trump

I’ve published an article on my political blog, Data-Driven Politics, which should be of great interest to many Secular Outpost readers:
William Lane Craig on Evangelical Christian Support for Donald Trump
On a related note, I’ve also published on that site my Presidential Effectiveness Dashboard, which is a work in progress, and likely also to be of interest. Link to latest version:
Presidential Effectiveness Dashboard (Trump): Economic Metrics Added

bookmark_borderIndex: The Lowder-Vandergriff Debate: Naturalism vs. Christian Theism: Where Does the Evidence Point? (2014)


Note: The rules for the debate did not impose a limit on the words per minute (WPM) ratio for each speech. Because of the quantity of arguments and objections in this debate, each debater had to balance the desire to be understood with the desire to answer as many arguments as possible. Mr. Lowder elected to keep his speaking rate at a modest pace because this debate was originally an audio debate for a podcast. Mr. Vandergriff elected to speak at a much faster rate in order to make as many points as possible, but after the debate many listeners complained that they were unable to follow him. (As explained here, Vandergriff did not cheat by doing so.) Readers of this transcript should keep in mind the differences in speaking rates as they read the transcript.