arguments for atheism

A Case for Atheism: Skepticism about Religion – Part 1

II. There are good reasons to be SKEPTICAL about religion and religious beliefs. A. Religion is NOT the key to Happiness and Virtue. ============================== RELIGION AND HAPPINESS Religion or religious belief is often thought to be the key to happiness, and religion is often promoted as being the key to happiness. On the Christian website A Case for Atheism: Skepticism about Religion – Part 1

A Simple and Obvious Explanation

Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Scandal: 7 Excerpts From the Grand Jury Report A nearly 900-page report investigating abuse in six dioceses over a period of 70 years documents more than 300 abusive priests. ============================= How can God allow priests and bishops to sexually abuse thousands of children for decades, and allow them to work at A Simple and Obvious Explanation

25 Questions for Theists

Almost five years ago, I published my “20+ Questions for Theists.” They say hindsight is 20/20. After reading the numerous comments in the combox, I can see that I was not as clear as I would have liked to have been. So I’d like to offer a clarification before reposting the list of questions, which 25 Questions for Theists