Stephen Law

Baudrillard and pseudoprofundity

Here is a quote from Baudrillard that Prof Paul Taylor chose for the Radio 3 programme we recorded to be broadcast tonite at 10pm (I am talking about pseudo-profundity and bullshit and pointing a finger at some post-modern thinkers – listen here for a week [I am on from about 14mins30]): For ethnology to live, Baudrillard and pseudoprofundity

The Alpha course vs. Philosophy

Extract from my OUP book Humanism: A Very Short Introduction, which references the Alpha Course (it’s from chpt 7)   Religion vs. shallow, selfish individualism   Let’s now turn to religious practice. Setting aside the issue of whether God exists, perhaps it might still be argued that religious reflection or observance is required if our The Alpha course vs. Philosophy

Event June 8th UK: Can Science Solve Every Mystery?

Centre for Inquiry UK and Conway Hall present Can science solve every mystery? A scientist, a philosopher and a Christian discuss. Peter Atkins, David Papineau, Peter S. Williams Can science answer every question? Should scientists show a little humility and acknowledge there are questions that only religion can answer? Are science and religion “non-overlapping magisteria”, Event June 8th UK: Can Science Solve Every Mystery?

Draft for comments please

Here’s a rough draft of half of a chapter I am contributing to an edited volume. Comments and feedback please.   Very best Stephen     What are science and reason?       Humanists expound the virtues of science and reason. But what are science and reason? And we should we think it wise Draft for comments please