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God, Multi-verses, and Modal Realism

(redated post originally published on 16 November 2011) I have heard in various quarters recently the claim that Lewis’ version of modal realism is (a) just a kind of multi-verse theory; and (b) intrinsically incompatible with theism. A partial discussion of this issue may be found in the pages of Philosophia Christi: Richard Davis ‘God God, Multi-verses, and Modal Realism

Moreland on Consciousness

(redated post originally published on 14 November 2011) Re: There have been some further developments in this discussion. See: Graham Oppy “Critical Notice of J. P. Moreland’s Consciousness and the Existence of God” European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 3, 1, 2011, 193-212 J. P. Moreland “Oppy on the Argument from Consciousness: A Rejoinder” Moreland on Consciousness

“The Argument from Reason” (2)

(redating post originally published on 14 December 2011) At 349, Reppert says: “We ought to draw the conclusion if we accept the premises of a valid argument”. This is obviously wrong. Suppose, to take the worst case, that my beliefs contradict one another. If we are supposing classical logic — as Reppert clearly is — “The Argument from Reason” (2)

“The Argument from Reason”

(Redating post originally published on 8 December 2011) A couple of comments on Reppert “The Argument from Reason” in Craig and Moreland (ed.) Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology, 344-90. (I have a long list; I may post further comments later.) 1. At 368, Reppert argues: If the reference of our terms is indeterminate, then this “The Argument from Reason”


Further Comments on I shall restrict myself to one small comment on what is a very long post that covers a great deal of ground very quickly. In my previous post, I wrote this: “Question: Is there a first cause in causal reality? If so, then, causal reality begins with that first cause. Moreover,


Part of a response to:  The argument we have been given — the kalam cosmological syllogism — is this: 1-Whatever begins to exist has a cause (of its beginning to exist) 2-The universe began to exist 3-Therefore, the universe has a cause (of its beginning to exist) Two immediate questions to ask when we

Distrust & Anti-Atheist Prejudice

Interesting new paper from Gervais, Shariff and Norenzayan: Gervais-et-al-Atheist-Distrust.pdf The experiments performed by Gervais et al. provide pretty convincing support for the thesis that anti-atheist prejudice manifests as distrust (rather than dislike, or disgust), and that it surfaces most strongly when the need for trust — as opposed to say, likeability, or pleasantness — is Distrust & Anti-Atheist Prejudice

Radio Think Atheist

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